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The GeekCon get-together is an invitation-only creative gathering happening the forth year in a row. Our goal is to form a critical mass of technically oriented creative talented people that will think up, create and deploy ideas. Or it's a short summer camp for geeks... GeekCon

Drawing Robot - Geekcon 2015

On the last GeekCon 2015, me and my brother built a drawing robot.
Can draw on a large scale pages, basically working the same way Logo (Computer Language) Turtle is working. Can go forward, backward and turn around. Can raise the pen or lower it in order to start drawing.

Here are some pictures, explanations and code.

We used the Arduino Uno (actually Funduino Uno compatible) over a Maze car  rack bought in Deal Extreme. Using the Keyes L298 driver for the DC motors and a Servo motor using the original Servo.h library kit from Arduino.

Some external references helping us to go on:

Here is the code:
Also can be seen in Github:

Making Drones Dance - GeekCon 2013

The project we made in Geekcon 2013 is using bitcraze crazy flies quad copters, we connecetd the drone to a computer and using the microphone to get sound, sending commands to the drones, what created the view of a dancing quad-copter to music and drum bits.

The project was demonstrated on Reversim Summit 2014.

Open in YouTube - Making Drones Dance

The whole code was written in Python and you can download it here - Download dancing crazyflie full code
Project was coded by Ram Nethanel, Ori Abunil, Moshe Kaplan, and myself, Cnaan Aviv

Cellular Grid Computer - GeekCon 2008

In GeekCon 2008 we have created the Cellular Computer Grid - creating a large computer to calculate PI using a grid computer made by cellular phones. The whole project was written in Java, both side, server and client on the cellular as j2me.

The project was created by Assaf, Ori and Myself.

Read more about the Giant Super Computer made of the public Cellular Phones in my blog and watch the movies from the demonstration.

My Blog (www.breakpo.com)


sms2boiler - GeekCon 2007

In GeekCon 2007 we have created the sms2boiler project which allow sending of SMS text message to control the heating boiler in your house. The whole project was written in Java
The project was created by Ori and Myself.


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